Promotion of Spanish Universities through their Web Pages in the scope of European Higher Education: Analysis, evaluation and quality improvement. Department of Education, Culture and Sport. General Direction of Universities. Programmes of studies and analysis, 2003-EA2003-0012. Director: María Pinto.

e-COMS (Electronic Content Management Skills): Tutorial for learning skills and strategies of analysis, evaluation and use of information. Granada University, planning, quality and teaching evaluation Vicerectorate. 2003-2004. Director: María Pinto.

IMATEC: laboratory for image analysis. Consejería de Innovación, Ciencia y Empresa. Secretaria General de Universidades, Investigación y Tecnología, 2004. Director: María Pinto

BIQUALITY.net: categorisation and evaluation resources on quality in libraries. Director: María Pinto, 2001-

CIBERABSTRACTS: the portal for abstractors. Dirección General de Universidades. Junta de Andalucía, 1999-2005. Director: María Pinto

ALFAMEDIA. Vicerrectorado de Planificación, Calidad y Evaluación Docente. Universidad de Granada, 2006. Director: María Pinto

ALFIN-EEES: Information Literacy for learning to learn within the European Space of Higher Education. Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia. Programa de Estudios y Análisis, 2005-2006. Director: María Pinto

CIBERJAEN.net: Quality resource portal for young people. Instituto de Estudios Gienenses, 2006

ALFINTRA Portal: Portal offering educational content in the EHEA framework for students and graduates in the area of Translation and Interpretation. Centred on active education and the encouragement of self-directed learning, it offers aspects related to the basics of training in information competence as part of translational (macro) competence. It includes activities and information resources of quality, relating to the various fields of specialisation in Translation and Interpretation.